ChemDoodle® 3D is a scientific visualization platform with a focus on user customizability and universal support. Just like its 2D counterpart, all of the graphics are fully customizable and controllable. The large feature set is well organized for intuitive access and we develop ChemDoodle 3D to work with the vast majority of graphics cards in use. So no need to worry about long installation procedures or having to purchase specific hardware. You will not be disappointed with how easy it is to get started and produce results with ChemDoodle 3D!

What is new in ChemDoodle 3D v3

  1. Faster and more advanced shaders for the most realistic graphics or captivating cartoon rendering. There are now 6 shaders to choose from.
  2. Fully customizable and dynamic real-time shadow rendering.
  3. Molecules can now be built using intuitive tools and a continuous running optimization (using the new Minimizer widget) to allow you to build accurate models and the specific conformations you desire. It is a lot of fun to physically interact with the structures you build!
  4. New bond types, more aromatic ring representations, more cheminformatics functions.
  5. Distances can now be measured between any combination of bond centers and atoms; previously only atoms were allowed. Visual specifications for all shapes can now be independently edited.
  6. Fully customizable surfaces can now be built for selections of atoms.
  7. Selector tools have been added, and you can now select objects by lasso and rectangular marquee.
  8. Our interface engine is now fully implemented including drawing toolbars, widgets, autosaving, workspace control and more.
  9. Style sheets (and scene settings files) can now be created, saved and loaded.
  10. Quaternions can now be used for all rotations, instead of just X-Y axis rotation.
  11. Full support for the new RCSB Macromolecular Transmission Format.
  12. A more advanced copy and paste system.
  13. After effects are new multipass shader options that provide additional graphical effects. Blurring and outlining are currently available.
  14. Outlines are now rendered for highlighted and selected objects.
  15. Model settings in the Visuals panel in Preferences are now organized by model type.
  16. A new Custom Element Color Set. Color choosers have been upgraded and now affect graphics in real time. Improved MacOS look and feel.
  17. Added the last of the new element names recommended by IUPAC. Added more published van der Waals values.
  18. Polishing, new icons, and performance improvements affecting just about every aspect of the product, from picking to animations to rendering and saving images.