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I’m really enjoying getting to know ChemDoodle. It is a wonderful drawing program.

Chemdoodle is excellent, amazing and just unbelievably cheaper than Chemdraw ultra. It is very useful I really liked it and I am going to recommend it to everyone.

ChemDoodle has been a godsend this year.

I love the program and the app. Goodbye ChemDraw…finally!

The MolGrabber widget has already saved my life and the appearance styling features are outstanding for presentations… yeehaw :)

Thank You VERY much for the update! A huge improvement – on par with ChemDraw!

Again, thank you for your timely email. It shows that you are customer-focused.

ChemDoodle is brilliant! w/ the search option, I can draw Taxol and predict its NMR in 30 secs.