Periodic Systems

periodic systems
Unit cells are a great way to investigate repeating structures and crystals. The above image was rendered in ChemDoodle 3D of the zeolite Si-O framework, MFI, propagated along the z-axis with exponential fogging using the standard Blinn-Phong shader.

Infinitely repeating chemistry

While discrete structures have many applications, infinitely repeating structures such as zeolites and MOFs deserve just as much attention. ChemDoodle 3D can understand periodic systems and allow you to work with them.

Crystallographic Information Format

ChemDoodle reads periodic data from CIF files and can fully resolve point groups and symmetries. Unit cells for any geometry are extracted.

Unit Cells

Unit cells are rendered and supercells can be generated. Use an orthographic projection to get the best view.


Build armchair, zigzag and chiral nanotubes with several options. Periodic systems of nanotubes are automatically generated. A great way to output nanotube geometries for other applications.