ChemDoodle 3D runs on all operating systems, works with a multitude of chemical data, builds components for all web browsers, and integrates with mobile apps. The above image shows the same ChemDoodle Scene opened in ChemDoodle 3D on Windows, macOS and Linux.

No matter the task, ChemDoodle 3D is available

It is essential in this age to be able to interact with individuals from around the world. ChemDoodle 3D allows you to interact with them, regardless of the tools that they use. No matter the chemical sketcher, no matter the operating system, ChemDoodle 3D provides you with the tools to communicate.

Operating Systems

We fully support ChemDoodle 3D on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

High DPI Support

ChemDoodle 3D supports high resolution displays, such as Retina Macs and the Microsoft Surface Pro.


ChemDoodle 3D allows you to produce interactive HTML5 components that work in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera, and even on Mobile Safari on iOS and Chrome for Android.

3rd Party Integration

ChemDoodle 3D works with several partners to help you improve your workflow. These partners include databases like ChemExper and ChemSpider, ELNs such as LabArchives and social networking services like Twitter.

Chemical Applications

ChemDoodle 3D reads and writes popular chemical file types for working with the applications you use.

  1. Beilstein ROSDAL (.ros)
  2. Crystallographic Information Format (.cif)
  3. CHARMM CARD File (.crd)
  4. Chemical Markup Language (.cml)
  5. Daylight SMILES (.smi, .smiles)
  6. ChemDoodle 3D Scenes (.ic3)
  7. ChemDoodle Javascript Data (.cwc.js)
  8. IUPAC InChI (.inchi)
  9. MDL MOLFiles, both V2000 and V3000 connection tables (.mol, .mdl)
  10. MDL SDFiles (.sdf, .sd)
  11. RCSB Protein Data Bank Files (.pdb, .ent)
  12. Schrödinger MacroModel (.mmd, .mmod)
  13. Tripos Mol2 (.mol2, .ml2, .sy2)
  14. Tripos Sybyl Line Notation (.sln)
  15. XYZ Files (.xyz)


ChemDoodle 3D writes a large number of bitmap graphics for use with other graphics applications.


  1. CompuServ Graphics Interchange Format {.gif}
  2. Joint Photographic Experts Group {.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .jfi, .jif}
  3. Microsoft Bitmap {.bmp, .dib}
  4. Portable Network Graphics {.png}
  5. Tagged Image File Format {.tiff, .tif}
  6. UNIX Portable PixMap {.ppm, pnm, pbm, pgm}
  7. Wireless Bitmap {.wbmp}