Widgets are mini applications in ChemDoodle 3D that perform powerful tasks to help you create your graphics and manage your figures. Work with selections, calculate energies, and view atomic orbitals with ease using these creative tools.

Quickly accomplish tasks, without leaving ChemDoodle 3D

These widgets provide access to many convenient tasks, from searching databases for predrawn chemical content, to managing your PDB files, to keeping track of your scene history. You can use these widgets without having to leave your current scene or switching to a new window. There is a lot of power to be found in ChemDoodle 3D!


Displays scene and content statistics.


Provides full access to the undo/redo queue.


A comprehensive organization of all the objects in the scene, allowing you to precisely investigate and select content.


Search databases for chemical structures and drag them right into your 3D scene.


Control the continuous optimizer that generates 3D coordinates for your structures as you build them, allowing you to physically interact with your molecules in 3D. You can also view energy calculations and tweak various aspects of the minimization.


View atomic orbital models based on quantum numbers. Many options are available for customizing the graphics, which can then be output to an image. A great way to view the different orbital shapes.