Site License Info

How do I purchase a site license?

You may request a quote for a site license for any iChemLabs’ product here.

How do I renew a site license?

A site license can be renewed within 90 days of expiration. If a site license expires, you can no longer renew it, and if you decide to continue to use a site license for ChemDoodle 3D, you must purchase it new. A discount is provided to those that renew their site license BEFORE it expires, so make sure to take advantage of this! A site license renewal will extend the current site license by 12 months, so if you renew 2 months in advance, your site license will expire 14 months from the renewal. Click here to request a quote for a site license renewal.

Do you offer academic discounts on site licenses?

Yes, we offer discounts for the Academic site license from the equivalent Enterprise option! Request a quote for details.

Can I purchase with a purchase order?

Yes, see the details here: Purchasing Options

How do you approve site license purchases?

When we receive payment, we will immediately send out a confirmation email. All you have to do is reply to that email so we can verify your credentials, and we will provision your license immediately. Your students or employees will be able to use your site license within minutes of purchasing.

Do I have to sign a site license contract or agreement?

The only license you have to accept is the software license agreement that everyone must accept on installation. Unlike other companies, we do not require you to sign any other cumbersome site license agreement. Click here to review the ChemDoodle 3D license.

Where do members go to receive activation codes?

If your institution has already purchased a site license, just enter your email address in the form on this page to receive your activation code: Request Site License Activation Code

How many users can be supported?

Site licenses allow an unlimited number of users at your institution. Site licenses also allow unlimited campus use in addition to personal activation codes.

Can site license members use ChemDoodle 3D off campus?

Yes, each member of the site license will receive a personal activation code to activate ChemDoodle 3D on 2 personal computers.

How will a site license work on campus?

For a site license, each member will receive his/her own unique activation code to activate ChemDoodle 3D on personal computers. We provide an additional campus configuration capability which will allow use without individual activation by any users that log into campus computers. Enabling this capability is as simple as installing a special file, provided when your license is provisioned, in the ChemDoodle 3D config folder, completing the setup.

Which operating systems can site license members use?

Site license members can use any operating system that we support, without restriction.

Do site licenses receive updates?

Yes, all site licenses receive free major and minor upgrades to ChemDoodle 3D during the site license term.

How do you know which email domains to activate?

You will tell us and we will activate them in the confirmation email. We must approve the top level domain, and generic domains like and are not acceptable. We allow unlimited subdomains with our site licenses. Thus, if you purchase a site license for, your professors and staff will be able to request an activation code using, and your students will be able to request an activation code using an email address such as